We promote your business for you on social media.

Jonna Randall, FBFS

Social Media Management for Business

Christine Carlton, Purely Splendid, LLC

Social Media MArketing for Business

We provide

Business Visibility

We post regular content that has a record of trending online and is relevant to your niche. Your users share this content and your business stays top of mind.

Demographic Targeting

We are not all things to all people. We work with you to identify your target audience and curate content that is most revelant to them. The more targeted, the more response.

Contests & Promotions

Regardless of channel, your social media visiots are always looking for a promotion (e.g., coupons, giveaways, or contests) and a reson to sign up for them. We help you create promotions & contests.

Advertising Assistance

All of our plans include social media advertising management! This has huge value and covers the cost of the mothly itself. We help you create and run social media ads for your business!

Total Transparency


The AppScholar Social Media team looks at your business niche and learns about your core customers. From that information we curate social media content online that we know they’ll identify with. This leads to remaining a follower of your social media channel(s) and sharing your content which makes other aware of your business and services. The best part is that we do all the heavy lifting!


Our team monitors your social media posts and watches for important trends. For example, if something we posts for you starts gaining a lot of shares and likes we recommend promoting it to gain more visibility and followers. We’re there all of the way.


Not all posts created for your social media campaigns are shares of other authority websites. For your blog articles, company event photos, and for social media holidays (e.g., National Pets Day, Secretary Appreciation Week, etc…) we create custom images and brand your company photos with your logo. You get to approve your content before we ever publish it or after we’ve worked together for a awhile you can just approve us to run your campaign without post-by-post approval.

How Does It Work?

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    You Choose Your Plan

    You choose what social media channels that we manage. We also have add-on services to make sure you have the solution you want including: Blog Article Writing, Customer Service Social Media Message Response, and Creating/Managing Your Social Media Ad Campaigns.

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    We Learn About Your Business

    We jump on a call or you can fill out a form with the same questions. We learn about your customers and how you want to communicate with them on social media. We also receive any branding guidelines that you may have in logo use, etc…

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    We Prepare Your Social Media Campaign

    We create a social media campaign with scheduled posts and content. We send you the campaign to review and approve. We begin the campaign and report on how it is doing at the end of the month.

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    We Track Your Social Campaign Progress

    The best part about our service (other than making locals aware of your business online) is the in-depth reporting that you receive. You get to see how your investment is paying off. We show you how many people engage with the content we post, how many shares, and more.

We’re so confident that you’ll like our services that we offer a fifteen day money back guarantee. Contact us within this period to opt-out and receive a full refund of your initial month. Our service is month-to-month. No long term contract. The only legally binding agreement between us is when you checkout and accept the terms of the agreement which focuses on the content you send us. You’re representing that any content that you send us belongs to you or your comapny and you’re authorized to allow us to use said content on your social media. Pretty straight forward stuff.



Per Month
  • $24.99 Set-up Fee
  • New Post Every Day
  • Curated Content of articles your followers most likely to share
  • Fan Comments Responding
  • Custom content creation (Your business promotions & Ad)
  • Social Media Camapign Calendar With Your Posts
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 1 – Facebook Paid Ad Content/Image Creation/Targeting Set-Up (You approve and pay for the ad)
  • No other social networks covered in this plan
  • No custom content beyond your business promotions and social media holidays
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FB + Twitter + (Other Social Channel)


Per Month
  • $34.99 Set-up Fee
  • New Posts and Tweet ¬†Every Day
  • Curated Content of articles your followers most likely to share on both channels
  • Targeted following and comments to build awareness of your social channels
  • Fan Comments Responding including DMs and ReTweets
  • Custom content creation (Your business promotions & Ad)
  • Social Media Camapign Calendar With Your Posts
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 4 – Facebook Paid Ad Content/Image Creation/Targeting Set-Up (You approve and pay for the ad) 2-
    Twitter ad creation (You approve and pay for the ad)
  • No custom content beyond your business promotions and social media holidays
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Yes. You’ll notice in each one of our plans we offer the creation of a facebook ad. We create it, set it up on your facebook page, define the targeting for who we believe will be the most receptive to your offer. We recommend an ad spend and you get the final say in how much you’ll spend with Facebook in promoting the ad. The ad will be tied to your credit card and you approve the ad to make it start running. If you wish to hire us for ad creation and ad management for facebook we charge $150.00 for a three ad campaign. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee does not apply to ad management.
Yes! We encourage you to still be active on your social media account(s). We work as a team. You post what you want, when you want. Ou content and efforts enhance and augment that. If you want nothing to do with social media but recognize the value then let us do your monthly campaign as outlined in one of our monthly social media plans.
Every business is different. Having a facebook presence in today’s world is a must to get local visibility (and it can be way more cost effective than printed ads).
Now more than ever it is important to create visibility for your business (in search engines, social media, and through referrals). Most business owners do not want employees on facebook and other distracting channels during work hours. Our service makes sure you are covered and in front of an audience every day for an exteremely affordable price.
Yes, we do. The pricing is the same whether you are a regular client or an agency. We charge by account. We’d charge your agency per account and you bill your clients whatever you want. We put the white label customers in our CRM and send from a generic email. We can also route reports directly to you for rebranding and you can send directly to your clients. Whatever works best for you.
Yes. Custom content such as original blog articles, images, and video takes time and production costs. For it to be profitable we’d need to know what you want us to create, how often, and more details. Then we can give you a customer quote.
This is a mixed answer. In some cases we create the images from scratch or a lot of different sources into one end work product. In other cases we use stock photos with an additional stock photo and/or text overlay. The stock photo license gives use permission for single use. So in those instances no. If you like an image and want to make it into a product or mass produced product, contact your account rep and he’ll find out how much it will cost to get an extended license (if from a stock photo company) or if there are any issues around the image copyright (if we created it 100%).