Is Your Insurance Company Falling Behind Because Your Agents Can’t Do Digital Marketing?


Most insurance companies face the same challenges in marketing their products and services online:

  • Compliance

    You need to be careful in the messages you communicate and the service area you are licensed to provide services in

  • Social Proof

    You need a steady flow of customer reviews spread over different channels that customers typically visit to determine if your insurance business is worth considering to approach for a price quote

  • Local Visibility

    You need to appear in local directories like Google Business, Bing Business Yelp, 4Square, 2Local, YellowPages, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…

  • Consistent Online Presence

    You need to constantly remain visible in the community online without constantly selling and turning people off

  • Effective Email Marketing

    You have a house email file that you can use to nurture your client relationships while occasionally making them aware of new products or services which can benefit them (and grow your book of business)

  • Educating Customers

    Use your online communications to make people aware of how insurance works in their best interests, can help them avoid unfortunate life events, and tips in avoiding situations which may result in needing to use their policy

  • Strategy

    Knowing the best online channels to use to reach their ideal customers

Our Unique Approach to Online Insurance Marketing Solutions

AppScholar Digital Marketing specializes in providing custom digital marketing solutions for insurance companies. We help you develop a digital marketing strategy that your agents can execute augmented by our service offerings. 

We’ve found over the years that this approach brings the best results in helping your insurance agents drive new business to your company online. We provide a turnkey system that your insurance agents can easily understand and use to build their book of business.

The online insurance marketing process is simple:


Schedule an initial call to learn about your pain points and we meet one another. This is a great opportunity to talk about your vision for your company and what you feel is holding your organization back from greatness!


The Decision makers/stake holders to do our discovery meeting where we present the findings of our digital marketing audit and we discuss your business goals, who you are as a brand, and what you’re wanting your company to achieve online.


Follow-up presentation that you can use as a road map to guide your company going forward in new efforts to succeed online. Within our presentation we provide solutions that you can use to grow your insurance business online, compliantly.

We Know Your Pain – Our Founder Suffered Through It As Well

Our founder, Roger Braun, was the Digital Marketing Manager for a US health supplement brand, Nutri-Health Supplements (NHS), owned by (Atrium Innovations), a publicly traded company on the Tornoto Stock Exchange.

In health supplements all marketing claims must be substantiated with clinical trials or proof of the claim made under the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission. Roger worked with both the US legal team and the occasionally the legal teams in Quebec City to make sure NHS was following industry best practices, FTC advertising guidelines, and the internal corporate policies handed down by the corporate legal team.

This experience helped Roger identify pain points that face companies who must advertise in regulated industries.

When Roger found AppScholar Digital Marketing he decided to offer services to financial services and insurance corporations who struggle with these challenges and offer solutions where all departments within the client company win and a safe and compliant digital marketing solution is offered.


Benefits of Using Our Online Insurance Marketing Services

We’re experts in compliant marketing and our discovery process helps you as an organization get clear on who your ideal customer is, where they frequent online, and the best way to market to them so that your organization isn’t wasting money on channels which do not produce and you are following our strategy to go after these ideal customers. In the end:

  • Through our process you learn who your perfect customer is and can pass this information off to your agents so that they are clear as well.
  • By knowing who your ideal customer is we also produce solutions on how to compliantly market to these customers online
  • By identifying the correct online customer channel(s) we help you recommend a daily/monthly online advertising budget to your agents to start funneling in qualified insurance and financial services leads
  • We provide a custom tailored solution that helps your company grow, aides your insurance agents in increasing their sales, and boosts your bottom line
  • We offer solutions that fit your organization instead of offering a rigid one-size-fits-all plan

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’re going to get a huge amount of value from our Discovery process about your business we're willing to waive the consultation fee (which we add into the final approved project) if you decide that we are not a good fit for one another.

That means, you’ll be getting a free digital marketing audit (the audit gives rough estimates on your website traffic, keywords that your company is currently ranking for in search engines vs your competitors, your agents local footprint in the local area, and a blueprint of your ideal customer).

We part ways and you are out nothing.

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Because we’re so good at what we do our calendar gets full quickly. We’re not bragging, it’s just reality. So to get the ball rolling we’ll need you to book a 30-minute meeting with us to start the process.

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