Mobile Websites for Tradesmen, Professionals, and Business

Be where your customers are, on Mobile!

When your customers go to find you on search engines and directories (,,, etc…), they will come and visit your website.
By having a mobile responsive website design, you know that your website displays perfectly on every device. With over half of your customers using mobile devices this is critical to your business!

Our Core Website & Design Services On Your Project Include


Mobile responsive web design is where we build your website using HTML 5 and CSS that makes your website resize itself appropriately from a desktop computer screen all the way down to a tiny smartphone screen. With half of the internet users out there are browsing the web using their smartphone, it is critical that your business display nicely on whatever device they are using or they will go to another business that does. By having a responsive web design you are giving your user a superior user experience which speaks highly about your brand and helps them find your products or services.


Business websites are designed to do one thing: Convert Visitors to Customers. The AppScholar team has over a decade of digital marketing experience. We will create a sales funnel for you on your website along with a lead capture form. You may have to provide some content (e.g., free report or free quote) depending on the business and sales strategy. We provide a free report that walks you through the next steps in reaching out to those customers to convert them into sales. Your website needs to inform and convert. Our team uses our experience to help you with that.


Wordpress is the most popular content management system (CMS) around the word. Currently, there are over 73 million websites running WordPress right now. These include individuals, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and some Fortune 500 companies including Xerox, Disney, Target, and Sony Music. WordPress is open source meaning that everyone has access to the core code and helps the WordPress Community by constantly adding new plugins and extensions which allow you to add more features to your website for free or extremely low cost.


Search Engine Optimization can mean a lot of different things. With your AppScholar mobile responsive web design we incorporate Yoast SEO which literally shows you your page SEO score and provides you with recommendations to improve your website’s ranking on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing on each page. When we inititally receive your project we incorporate the top local organic keywords for your website to assist in your website being found. We also configure your Google Analytics to send you a weekly pdf report on the people who visited your website.


Your Website Design Includes the Following:

  • Google Analytics Account Integration

    Whether you have an existing Google Analytics account or you need a new one, we integrate your Google Analytics code into your website to capture your website visitor information.

  • Enhanced Security Features & Malware Scanning

    Because WordPress is used around the world there are known security vunerablities. AppScholar uses industry best practices to secure your website from mischief and does malware scans to ensure your website stays issue free.

  • Wordpress Version and Plugin Updates

    While some hosting companies provide core WordPress updates, AppScholar updates our clients WordPress versions AND plugins as soon as updates become available. This valuable extra service ensures that your website does not fall victim to hackers who exploit out-of-date plugins with known exploits.

  • Social Media Integration

    AppScholar will take your social media channels and add them to your website so that people can like you, find you, and share you.

  • Email Account Creation

    There is nothing more unprofessional than having a website domain (e.g., and then using a gmail account (e.g., vs AppScholar will assist you in creating email accounts that work with your domain ( and we’ll help you integrate those with Outlook, your cell phone, or any email client which accepts IMAP or POP3. With your AppScholar hosting account you can create unlimited email accounts at no additional charge.

  • Custom Forms With Spam Filters

    AppScholar will assist you in creating custom forms so you can ask prospective cutomers anything and receive their answers via email. AppScholar will also add in CAPTCHA forms to your question forms to keep your email account from being over-run with spam. You’ll only see real clients or spammers who took the time to fill out your form in person.

  • Incorporation of Trust Badges & Symbols

    Has your company won an award, is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, is a registered member of the Better Business Bureau? We can take any award or trust badges and incorporate them into your website design to establish trust with your customers.

  • Monthly Change Requests

    We build you an excellent website but every now and then you want to add some content of change something. Your AppScholar monthly hosting comes with 3 free change requests each month. Simply email us the URL or URLs you want the changes on along with providing us the content you want swapped out and we will do it for you! No need to learn WordPress of muckabout. Simply focus on your business and we take care of the rest.


The Mobile Responsive Website Design Process

The Process Is Easy:

  • Select Your Plan

    Select from our Basic to Enterprise Plans. We build your website and offer amazing hosting with post-publication services you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Answer Our Questionnaire

    Once you have purchase web design services from us we provide you with a questionnaire. Please set aside 10 – 20 minutes of your time and answer the questions within the questionnaire which we will use to build your website.

  • We Build Your Website

    Once you have submitted the questionnaire answers, attached your business logo (if you have one), and attached any pictures you’d like us to use we get to work building your website. The process is pretty quick and is usually done in less than 72 hours.

  • Approve Your Design & We Launch

    We keep your website under construction until we are done which means that outsiders will not happen by chance to come across it. Once we believe we are done we ask you to login, walk around, make recommended revisions, we make said changes, and then go live.

For whatever reason, if you don’t like your mobile responsive web design within the first 15 days then file a refund request and we will refund your money in full.  No questions asked!


Our team has over 10 years experience in Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, and Social Media. We have the knowledge and experience to build your mobile responsive website into a lead generating and sales conversion machine. Put us to work for your whether you are a CPA, Electrician, Doctor, Wholesale, or Retail Business. We have experience in the Direct-To-Consumer and Business-To-Business space. We know what works with websites in converting leads into customers and what doesn’t. Get started today!