Mobile App Development

Choosing The Right Technology

AppScholar mobile app developement services let you choose amongst a wide variety of options. We offer white-label mobile apps, native apps, and hybrids. Our app hybrids start as white-label apps but are modified as we add custom requests and alterations to the existing code to include additional features or functions. Mobile application development can be realitively easy to extremely complex. The best way to navigate through the process is to determine what it is that you need from the mobile app that you would like us to build for you. We recommend that you focus on the following goals when determining the type of mobile app development that you need.

Mobile App Goals

  • Provide a superior user experience
  • Offer a more effective method of real-time communication
  • Provide services or features in the app that the user will find themselves suddenly needing
  • Make the app extremely useful for the customer to interact with you
  • Add features that will boast revenue and repeat business
  • Be a trendsetter over your competition and already have a large mobile app following by the time they decide to copy you and get an app as well.

Mobile app Development

Once your mobile app goals are established its time to determine which type of App is going to best fit your business. The main three mobile app types you should consider are native apps, white label apps, and hybrid apps. Here is a break down of each:

Native Mobile App

This is where you hire a mobile app development company to build your mobile app from scratch and your app is 100% original. This format is rarely cross-platform and costs a lot of money.

Typical Project Cost
Extremely High $$$$$

White Label Mobile App

This is where your app has already been built with a core set of features that businesses like yours already use. Your logo, info, products, etc.. are added and you are ready to go.

Typical Project Cost
Low $

Hybrid Mobile App

This is where you find a white label app that you like and make mobile app development requests to add a field, function, or other minor addition to the white label source code.

Typical Project Cost
Moderate-to-High $$$

Choosing Your Operating System

Once you’ve established which type of mobile app that you’d like to develop you’ll need to determine if you are going to have the mobile app built for multiple operating systems like Android and iOS (Apple). Both operating systems cover 95% of the mobile devices in North America and Europe. Windows Smartphone and Blackberry OS fall in as small percentages behind. If you are going to go with a native app then you’ll most likely want to have it built on Android first and then Apple’s iOS later on. Android is the world’s most popular operating system. You may have some Apple users who feel excluded but you’ll quickly see if your app idea will be successful before forking over the same development fees for the iOS mobile app development. And with Apple these fees can also be slightly higher.

If you chose to go with a white label mobile app solution in most of the cases that technology is built for cross platform (more than just one operating system with one fixed cost). This advantage is both a time a cost savings leaving you money to promote your white label app once it is published in the different app stores. AppScholar offers all of these solutions however we feel our best value is in our white label mobile app offering.

Now that you’ve decided on the mobile app type that you want and what you wish to achieve with it it’s time for the most critical piece, mobile app development. Different developers work with clients in different ways. At AppScholar we send you a form that asks all the pertinent questions and allows you to gives us the ciritical pieces for your white label app (e.g., your logo, corporate colors, website urls, social urls, products and services, etc…). We take this information and rapidly integrate it into your app, do your own internal quality control check, and then we send you the unpublished app to download and test drive. The process goes very quickly. You send us change requests on anything you want moved around, etc… and then sign off on publishing your app to the app or app stores (depending on the plan you chose with us).

Our development process is streamlined and built to provide you with an excellent customer experience. We feel like our customer and technical support is one of our best selling points. With our white label apps we do mobile app updates, upgrades of new features, and change requests all a part of our development packages. You can be super hands-on or super hands-off. We want to free you up so you can focus on growing your business and using this tool with the other tools you have at your disposal to communicate with your prospects, customers, clients, and patients.

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