Get found where customers search.


We do a search engine and directory audit to see where your business isn’t listed.


We repair your business incomplete/inaccurate and missing listings in major directories.


Our repair and additional listings efforts will improve your visibility by adding these local citations.


We monitor your business local search rankings and send you a monthly report alerting you of any changes.

Lets get started on getting your business found by more people!

Our team is ready to start your Search Engine local listings audit and fix the issues.

Drive More Business

  • Each Business Listing Builds Your Business

    For every popular directory (,, etc…) that you list your business in you build your company’s visibility in people looking for your service.

  • Apps Use Directories For Information

    A wide variety of mobile apps use Google Maps and other directories to interact with their program. If your business isn’t listed in these directories then your not going to get found (but your competition could).

  • Citations Affect Your Rank in Google

    Every quality directory that you list your business in is considered a positive citation by Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

Discover Where You Rank

Chances are you’re like most businesses out there and have a few directory listings for people to find your business. The part most business owners don’t realize is that their directory information is often incomplete and outdated. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing penalize businesses who have conflicting information and lack of listings. A business with inaccurate and missing listings is going to be pushed toward the bottom or not appear on prospective customer searches. Businesses with accurate listings in all of the correct directories will show up in the top results for local search.