31% Of Mobile Users Rely On Mobile Exclusively.
They don’t use desktop or laptop PCs!

This trend will continue upward with less and less of your customers using traditional PCs to find and interact with you.

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What is the difference between a ‘Native Mobile App’ and a ‘Hybrid Mobile App’?

A Native Mobile App is a mobile app which is built exclusively in the operating system that you’ve chosen. For example, if you wanted to build a ‘native’ Android app, the app would be built in the Android Operating system. A native Android app will not work on an Apple iOS device.

A Hybrid Mobile App is a mobile app that is built using computer code which works cross-platform (e.g., Android, iOS, Windows Smartphone, and Blackberry).

A native app requires that you build the app from scratch for each platform that you want your mobile app to be in. This costs thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the native mobile app. With a hybrid mobile app you have the opportunity to test the market out without breaking the bank. With the AppScholar hybrid app we’ve built in proven app features that most businesses use. This advantage saves you thousands of dollars in development.

Why is getting a mobile app critical for my business?

Your customers are switching to mobile devices to interact with your organization. Businesses which have a mobile app see a lift in sales because of Hipsters and Millennials who embrace mobile app technology. With a mobile app you’re going to where your customers are. You’ll instantly have a leg up on your competition and through push notifications and geo-fencing you’ll be able to reach your customers in real time to offer deals, make them aware of new promotions, and provide them with new opportunities to buy from you.


We build your business a hybrid mobile app designed to boost your sales.

Our business model is simple. We build white label mobile apps for businesses like yours all the time. We know the features that work and the features that don’t. We’ve designed a code repository that we use for business-specific apps (e.g., restaurant apps, bar and tavern apps, wellness apps, retail clothing, etc..) which we’ve built our white label apps on. Because we are not building your mobile app from scratch you save a lot of money.

Our model mobile app development model is no risk and comes with a guarantee.

Here’s How it Works:

We have core code which we use to build your app on. Since we do not have to build your app from scratch it saves us time and you money. The one-time set-up cost for each plan is the same $255.00 plus a monthly support charge which covers updates, upgrades, change requests, cloud hosting for core features, and technical support. Follow these 3 easy steps to get your mobile app built today!

  • Select your App Publishing Plan

    Choose from one of the publishing plans below. We recommend that you choose our Android + iOS plan. With the Android + iOS Plan we build your mobile app on the Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems. This will serve 95% of your customers!

  • Fill out our Questionnaire

    After you make your purchase you set aside some time and fill out our questionnaire form. This s where you upload your logo, tell us your business colors that you want in your app, you choose what features you want from our feature list, and then we create your app for you.

  • Approve your App and we publish on the App Store(s)

    We send you a beta version of your app to download onto your smartphone to test. You send us a round of revision requests and then approve your app for publishing. We assist you in getting a development license and publish your app under it. On average this process takes 2 – 3 weeks.


Features You Can Have Built Into Your Mobile App:


Mobile users are 80% more likely to read your in-app push notice than they are an email you’ve sent them. Harness the power of mobile push notices with your own mobile app.

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According to Juniper Research, ‘Smartphone Markets: Trends, Shares & Forecasts 2015 – 2020:’

“77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more than anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons.”

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Give your customers a reason to return and buy from you often. Use the mobile app loyalty rewards system to provide a free item or discount after your customer earns enouge code redemptions.

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Ever want to sell your goods online but never begun the process of getting an ecommerce solution?

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Do you already have an online shopping cart? We can integrate all of the mainstream shopping carts into your mobile app! We can also integrate your Etsy Store, EBay Store, and Groupon to your mobile app.

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We can take your WordPress, Blogger, or other blog and integrate it into your mobile app. Use your mobile app’s push notification system to alert your audience of a new blog article that they can read inside of your app!

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Select from a list of our pre-built pocket tools which we can add into your mobile app. Tools include a mortgage calculator, voice recorder, video recorder, flashlight, QR Code Reader, Directional Map, Pedometer, and more.

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Everyone is on facebook. According to Statista, in 2016 there were over 229 million facebook users in North America. This is a great way to encourage them to follow your facebook page and participate in your social channel.

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According to Business Insider, Twitter has over 302 million active users where 37% of its users are age 18 -29 and 25% of its users are age 30 – 49. AppScholar can take your personal or company twitter account in import your twitter content into a custom twitter feed within your mobile app.

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In 2016, Linkedin has over 467 million users. There are 128 million users in the United States alone. If your business offers professional services or pursues Business-2-Business clients then integrating your Linkedin professional profile or company page to your mobile app is a great way to connect with people.

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We create a mobile app directory for you that you can manage through your AppScholar mobile app dashboard. Allow your app users to create their own listings which you can approve OR you can make it whereonly you can add the listings. Use the directory to create lists of businesses, books, ingredients, or whatever resonates with your app audience.

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We can take your Picasa, facebook, Instagram, flickr, and Pinterest photos and dynamically import them into your mobile app. This is a great feature if you are constantly generating content on these channels. The app will constantly make calls to your selected channels to pull in new images.

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AppScholar can take your video channels of choice and import them into your mobile app into a feed of your videos. If you are video blogger, professional who makes videos, author, or videographer, this feature will make your latest videos available to your app users.

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Once you purchase our white label mobile app development services you’ll receive a form asking for information about your business. We’ll take that information and build your white label mobile app for you. After we’re done building your app you’ll receive a copy to download onto your smartphone to test.

If you are not happy for any reason with your final product test app, simply fill out our refund request within 15 days of receiving the final app and you’ll receive a full refund.

No questions asked!

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What are you doing to target Millennials?

According to Loyalty360, “Millennials are 2.6 times more likely than other age groups to have used a mobile app.

Why is this important to your business?

“As the largest generation in the U.S., Millennials represent massive current and future purchasing power. Capturing and maintaining their attention is paramount to earning their brand loyalty.” – Beth Benjamin (Senior Director of Medallia Institute)

Did You Know?

“56% of smartphone users would like to receive location-based offers on their phones when they are near a store.” – Juniper Research

Additional Features We Offer for Your Mobile App

Mobile App Shopping Cart icon

In-App Purchasing

Epublicaion and eReader icon

ePub & eReader

Mobile app booking feature icon

Booking & Scheduling

Geo-Location & Geo-Fencing

“77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more than anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons”Juniper Research, 'Smartphone Markets: Trends, Shares & Forecasts 2015 - 2020'

AppScholar monetization

Marketing Tools

AppScholar builds our apps with tools that you can use to amplify your marketing efforts. You can add digital coupons, loyalty cards, create QR codes, embed links, and leverage your social channels.

AppScholar Mobile app analytics

Analytics Tracking

AppScholar adds Google analytics features to track your mobile app’s performance and user experience.

Unlimited push notifications

Push Notifications

Your customers are 2 feet away from their mobile devices 95% of the time. Use your mobile app’s notification CMS to send your app users relevant targeted messages to boost engagement and sales!

Monetize your mobile app icon

Make Money Advertising

We give you the opportunity to add advertising into your mobile app. Create great content and make extra money from your app users viewing your mobile ads.



Get A Hybrid mobile app built for just $225.00


Normally $699.00