AppScholar Mobile App Affiliate Program

Ready to work for yourself and set your own hours?

With the AppScholar Mobile App Affiliate program you make $125.00 a sale AND $5.00 recurring commission as long as the customer stays with us!

Small Businesses need mobile apps now more than ever! You don’t have to sell online. You can work the local chamber of commerce in your area or make direct sales calls on business decision makers (General Managers, Directors, etc…) or business owners. The cool part is that we provide you with all of the sales material that you need and we do all of the heavy lifting (working with the client and creating the mobile app).

At AppScholar, we have a winning formula and we are aggressively pursuing market share (which is why we are offering such an amazing incentive for our affiliate program). We provide you with exceptional free training and if you average one sale an hour you could be making enough to work one or two days a week and enjoy the rest of your time doing other things. We even do custom marketing material for our affiliates upon request. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get selling! It’s free!

Take advantage of this emerging trend and sell AppScholar hybrid mobile apps to small business. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign Up for our Affiliate Program

    Joining our affiliate program is free. We use iDev Affiliate software which manages your affiliate account and content.

  • Review and Download Our Affiliate Sales Material

    We make selling mobile apps easy! We provide you with website and social media banners and pictures. The software creates a custom url for you that ties the material you use back to your affiliate account. When a custom clicks on the banner or link, visits our website, and places an order, you get credit for that sale!

  • Get Paid for the Sales You Sent Us!

    We have a Money Back Guarantee that lasts until the client has us publish their app to the app stores. Therefore, we have delay on paying out commission until this occurs. The time period is usually under 30 days. We pay you directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. We can also send you a check to your mailing address but require your Social Security or TIN number because of IRS regulations (if you elect for a check payment).


Affiliates earn $125.00 USD on each sale plus $5.00 recurring commission while client remains with us.
This period is usually a long time because our mobile apps rock and we provide exceptional customer service and support.

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Need Custom Banners or Copy?

We support our affiliates! After you’ve registered as an AppScholar Affiliate, if you need custom banners for social media or your website, simply ask and we’ll create it for you. We’re here to support you because helping each other makes us both more successful. To request custom creative please submit a support ticket on the button below.

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Where Can I Sell AppScholar Mobile Apps?

  • Facebook

    Leverage social media and run facebook ads or use your social network.

  • Google+

    Use the power of Big G and enter business circles that could benefit from learning about how a mobile app can help their business.

  • Linkedin

    Use the power of Linkedin and talk directly with business owners in Linkedin Groups and Direct Message if they are connected to you. Expand your influence by becoming a LION.

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    Non-Profit organizations are always looking for new ways to reach their supports and ask for fundraising and volunteers.

  • Email

    Do you have a list of business people who have opted in to your email newsletter of communications? Create and email campaign and teach them how a mobile app can help their business.

  • Pinterest

    Leverage the power of the pin and help business owners on Pinterest learn about their need for a mobile app.

  • Twitter

    Discover small business twitter users and teach them about the importance of having a mobile app.

  • YouTube

    Leverage the power of YouTube by creating your own information video. Teach businesses why a mobile app is a must for them!

  • Religous Institutions

    Church attendance from the younger generations is in decline. Help faith-based organizations reconnect with the youth and increase their services attendance.

  • Telemarketing

    Do you have a list of businesses who are open to receiving sales calls from phone directory users? Give these businesses a ring and ask to speak to the owner or General Manager to pitch them on a mobile app.

  • Instagram

    Images are powerful. Take advantage of the popularity of Instagram and publish education images on why a business app is critical to small business success.

  • Classified Ads

    Find prospective small business app buyers on Craigslist and other classified online directories.

  • Blog

    Use your blog to educate users on how a mobile app can spread information and boost local business sales.

  • Direct Sales

    Sell our mobile apps at trade shows, business expos, chamber of commerce meetings, and on-site sales calls.

  • Direct Mail

    Break the ice with a handwritten letter or sales presentation. Mail your communication directly to the owner or General Manager of the business. Pitch them on how a mobile app can help them boost sales and customers.

The only limits are your creativity and adhering to United States CAN SPAM law. We are NOT spammers and will boot affiliates who spam. No exceptions. If you don’t know then ask. We’re here to help you stay compliant and be successful!