We learn about your business and deliver what you need. More Sales.


Strategic Website Sales Design

We build websites that work on mobile phones and sell to your ideal customer

Social Media Management

We specialize in Social Media Management to keep your app or business top of mind

We Help People Find You Online

We use Search Engine Optimization to get your mobile app or website found by locals

Mobile App Development

We take your mobile or web app concept, map it out, and develop it into a working reality


What are you doing online to create sales and is it working?

Alot of clients come to us thinking that they need a tool to generate more business for themselves online. We're frequently approach with the request to 'just build me a website.' We usually respond by begining an introductory discovery process which starts out with the core question: What is it that you are trying to achieve online?

From there we schedule a meeting to do discovery of your business with you and any other stake holders you feel should be a part of the conversation. 

Our Discovery Process Is Simple:


We meet and ask you and your team questions that will help in crafting a thoughtful, strategic, and smart digital marketing plan going forward. You might not need a new or redone website. This meeting helps us discover that.


We use our research on your business and combine that with our first discovery session to work on identifying your "ideal customer." Your ideal customer is the person who is great to work with and spends the most money with you.

STEP 3: 

We propose the best ways to market to your ideal customers and convert them into recurring customers. The proposal includes the tool(s) you'll need and our strategy to do it.

Lets get started on discovering what you need for your business

We're going to help you get clear on:

- Who is my ideal customer?
- What makes me different from my competition?
- Am I communicating my core strengths online?
- Is my business visible in the places where people go looking for similar services?
- Why did I get into this business and am I conveying this passion to my customers?
- What is the best way to market to my ideal customer online?
- How much time do I have to spend on digital marketing and how much can AppScholar Digital Marketing take of that workload so I don't have to mess with it?

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Mobile Responsive Website Design

  • Strategic Development

    An emphasis on designing a website that converts visitors into customers.

  • Mobile Friendly

    We build all of our websites to display great on mobile devices. This is important since over 55% of the people who view your website will do so on their mobile device.

  • Clear Branding

    Your brand defines you. We make sure your branding is coherent throughout your website.



We offer a full range of Web Design Services. Blogs, forums, online stores, multimedia galleries, search engine optimization services and more. We specialize in affordable website design services for small to medium businesses. Our most popular product is a mobile responsive website for tradesmen, professionals, and local small business.


WordPress Websites

Obtain top rankings for desired search terms and drive qualified leads that are crucial to building your business

Ecommerce Websites

Create an online eCommerce website in minutes. From clothing apparel to sports equipment

Custom CMS Websites

A custom CMS allows you to build a site that is matched for YOUR business and YOUR needs

Social Media Management

Social Media is now the lifeblood of ANY local business. If you aren't on social media posting on a daily basis then your business is invisible to the local community.  AppScholar Digital Marketing offers an affordable social media management service that does the following for your business:

We optimize your Facebook and other social media page(s) if you elect to have them to get found by local searchers. We assist you (as a part of our monthly management package) in setting up facebook ads which grow your page likes and awareness of your business. Over time this strategy results in more business, more followers on your social media accounts, and the ability to reach local people with special offers and deals. This makes your long-term advertising efforts more cost effective and communicating with your customers a lot easier! Letting them know about a new deal is a mouse click away.

One of the keys to success in local social media marketing is staying active. You need to share content with your customers that is relevant to them without spamming them with offers every day. Our team provides currated content (trending content that we harvest and schedule into posts) that we know your audience will like (and most likely share with others who aren't your customer yet). We pepper in national holiday posts, quizes, and special offers from your business. We post something every day. It's called social media heartbeat marketing and it's vital for your business (and a part of our plans).

If you can't measure it then you can't manage it! We provide you with detailed reports to track the progress of your social media campaigns. You get to see the number of people joining and leaving your social media accounts, content shares, likes, and engagement. You get to see progress and measure sales from your social channel if you use exclusive social edia coupon codes. 

The best part of our Social Media Management program is no contract. You can leave at any time. We believe we add so much value to your business that it's an easy decision for you to stay with us.



Mobile App Development

  • Fast On-boarding

    We realize that you want to get your project underway quickly. We use project management tools to scale your project rapidly.

  • Agile Architecture

    We use Agile architecture in your mobile app development which advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

  • Product Launch Support

    We work with you to create a marketing plan for your custom mobile app to aid in a successful launch. Leverage our experience to market your app and grow your business.

Let’s Get Started On Your Project